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If you would like to ask me (Emma Randall) any questions about my services, book one-to-one or group sessions, a talk or a workshop, please email me info@mindfuleating.org.uk, fill in the form to the right or call me on 07961 423120. If you don’t live locally you can set up Skype sessions with me. If you do live in and around the local area you have the option of one-to-one sessions and small groups in the comfort of your own home or at my premises.

SPECIAL OFFER: I have a fantastic New Year offer for 2018: initial 90 minute session (usually £55/£60) is just £25! Subsequent one hour sessions are £40 (if you come to me in Lightwater, Surrey, or via Skype) and £45 (if I come to you at your home). Daytime and evening appointments available, as well as Saturday sessions. Contact me via the contact form opposite (or call me on 07961 423120) to book your first session, to take advantage of this special offer.

Want to come to one of my workshops on mindful eating, emotional eating, food and mood and other topics? Details with upcoming dates can be found HERE.

Follow me on my Mindful Eating Facebook page for dietary tips, updates, nutrition advice and information.

I also have a closed group Facebook Page called ‘Let’s Talk Eating’ – feel free to join here if you’d like to meet others to chat about anything relating to diet, weight loss, weight management, nutrition and healthy eating.  

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Weight loss consultant contact

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