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Mindful Eating Workshops And TalksMindfu eating workshops and talks

Upcoming Talks (venue: Lightwater, Surrey) £15 per person (handout included)


Simple Steps To More Mindful Eating: Wednesday 13th June 7-8.30pm


Understanding Emotional Eating: Thursday 14th June 7-8.30pm


Food And Mood: Wednesday 20th June 7-8.30pm


Why Diets Don’t Last: Thursday 21st June 7-8.30pm


Healthy Eating For Hectic Lives: Saturday 23rd June 10-11.30am


I will be releasing more dates throughout the year. Please click on the relevant link above to book tickets through Eventbrite.

New talk topics planned include: ‘Good Fats, Bad Fats’ and ‘A Basic Guide To Nutritional Supplements’.

“Thank you Emma for a really inspirational talk- it has certainly given me lots of ideas. I have already started to put your suggestions into practice and feel quite empowered by it. My test will be tonight when we have friends over for dinner, but I feel more prepared. I feel this method makes so much more sense and it’s a relief not to have to go on another diet!” Carole, Camberley (attended ‘Simple Steps To More Mindful Eating’ talk).

About My Mindful Eating Workshops And Talks

I’ve given many popular talks for nearly a decade to people of all ages and to a range of organisations and groups including weight loss groups, schools, senior citizen groups, drop-in centres and depression support groups. I have also worked as a trainer at a weight loss company, creating and delivering nutrition modules to weight loss consultants. I give 90 minute talks on mindful eating or specific topics relating to healthy eating or weight management at my home.  I also run half day/full day mindful eating workshops and general healthy eating workshops.

Workshop Content

I’m very flexible and can adapt the content and level of my workshops/talks to the needs and interests of any particular group. The 90 minute talks focus on one particular topic such as mindful eating, weight management, emotional eating and food & mood, but for longer workshops I can present a combination of topics depending on the length of the session. A handout is provided at all workshops/talks.

Mindful Eating Workshops

My mindful eating workshops are a great opportunity for people to learn about mindful eating strategies and to become more aware of their own eating habits and attitudes towards food. They cover a range of topics including:-

  • The problem with dieting and food restriction: impact on mind and body
    • Why slower weight loss is better for you in the short-term and long-term
  • Common weight loss pitfalls: behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and values in relation to dieting, eating and healthy eating (eg ‘black and white’ mindset)
  • ‘Engaging the brain’: becoming more aware of what, how and why you eat, and more satisfied with less food
  •  ‘Middle-ground’ eating: how it can help you to avoid being ‘on’ or ‘off’ a diet
  • Portion sizes and the calorie ‘shaving’ concept: enjoying your food whilst keeping things in balance
  • Mindful Eating workshopsWHAT we eat:-
    • Why certain food choices can help you lose weight more than others
    • The Glycaemic Index: why some foods keep you going for longer than others
    • Good Fats, Bad Fats- how eating ‘good’ fats can help weight management
    • Food choices to get your body in fat-burning mode, not fat-storage mode
    • Food and Mood: how food choices can affect mood, and vice versa- choosing the right foods to support mood and brain performance
  • HOW we eat:-
    • The dangers of eating on ‘autopilot’ and how to shift out of it
    • Mindful eating strategies
  • WHY we eat:-
    • Different types of hunger and how to recognise them in yourself
    • Using food to ‘soothe’ ourselves (comfort eating)
    • The excuses we use to eat
    • Behavioural chains
  • Individual differences: finding a way of eating that works for YOU
    • Getting in tune with which foods satisfy/sustain you more than others
    • Getting in tune with which foods your body responds well to, and those it responds less well to
    • Finding your own dietary ‘rules’ rather than following someone else’s
  • Importance of good organisation and planning for successful, long-term weight management and healthy eating
  • Lifestyle factors
    • The link between stress and eating
    • The link between poor sleep and poor food choices.

Dual Approach: Nutrition And Psychology

Mindful eating workshops therefore cover both the nutritional and the psychological aspects of eating, and are designed to equip attendees with an in-depth knowledge of the psychology of eating, key aspects of mindful eating (such as factors underlying how and why we eat) and nutritional aspects, enabling individuals to become more skillful and confident when it comes to making healthier food choices and lifestyle changes.

Mindful Eating WorkshopsThe workshops look at how common beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and behaviours can get in the way of healthy eating and successful weight management such as ‘black and white’ thinking/behaviours, catastrophic thinking in terms of eating, crooked thinking about dieting, and the excuses we use to justify eating in certain situations. This part of the workshop illustrates the power of thoughts, and how feelings and behaviours can stem from our thoughts. My dual approach gives attendees an excellent knowledge base with which to move forward.

Emotional Eating

In addition to my mindful eating workshops I give talks on emotional eating. ‘Understanding Emotional Eating’ looks at a range of factors that can give rise to a tendency to ‘comfort eat’. I define what emotional eating is, what can cause it and how Mindful Eating Workshopsfood can be used for reasons other than to satisfy hunger. We look at how food can be the ‘go to’ solution during times of stress or emotional upset, and how turning to food as a coping strategy can lead to a vicious cycle. Eating doesn’t solve problems, it’s often just a sticking plaster that doesn’t deal with the root of the problem. I cover various issues including self-perception (how we view ourselves and how we believe others view us), how food might be used to suppress or avoid feelings, how it can be used as a diversion tactic to avoid confronting something else that’s going on, and how it might be used to fill a ‘void’. I present strategies that can help us to create a better relationship with food. The aim of the talk is to enable people to gain a better understanding of themselves and of emotional eating. This talk is relevant for anyone who feels that emotional eating gets in the way of their attempts to eat healthily, lose weight or maintain their weight long-term, and is intended to help individuals become more aware of the specific factors driving their own eating and to give them some tools to tackle it.

Food & Mood

Food and Mood is a subject that is relevant to us all. This talk covers the following:-

~The link between food, mood and brain function
~Which nutrients we need to boost our brain function and balance our mood
~What can cause low mood and poor brain function (such as poor memory and concentration), and how to address it from a dietary and lifestyle perspective
~ Why going on a strict diet can make you grumpy
~ How optimising your mood and brain function can help you to manage your weight successfully.

Read my Food And Mood blog HERE.

Healthy Eating For Hectic Lives

Many of us lead busy, stressful lives, and sometimes eating healthily can drop right to the bottom of the priority list! The aim of this talk is to inspire you to give your body the nutrition it needs to cope with a busy lifestyle and to give you some simple meal Mindful Eating Workshopsand snack ideas for when you’re on the go. The talk covers:-

  • Simple meal and snack ideas for when you’re on the go
  • Stress and how it’s linked to food cravings and chaotic eating
  • Important nutrients for a busy lifestyle
  • Nutrition tips for sleeping
  • Tips for boosting your brain function when you’re tired and busy
  • How to deal with being ‘tired and wired’.

By gaining some top nutrition tips for a hectic lifestyle, this talk will inspire you to give healthy eating a higher priority which your body and mind will thank you for during stressful times.

Why Diets Don’t Work

Mindful Eating WorkshopsThis talk looks at the key factors that can make weight loss diets hard to stick to, and provides alternative strategies and solutions that will inspire you to ditch that diet and find a way of eating that is realistic, enjoyable and sustainable. It provides a variety of nutritional information and tips to clarify why diets can let us down, why diets are often unrealistic, why many diets fail to offer people the skills and knowledge they need to achieve long-term weight control, how nutritional messages can be confusing and which eating behaviours, attitudes and beliefs we must discard in order to become empowered and break away from our overly strong reliance on commercial diet plans. This talk aims to help you identify exactly what dieting behaviours and beliefs have let you down in the past, and what you need to focus on to transform your entire approach to eating and weight loss.

Workshops Offered To A Range Of Organisations- And In Your Home

I offer mindful eating workshops and other talks to corporate companies, public sector organisations and charities, as well as in private homes Mindful Eating Workshopswhere you can invite friends, family or work colleagues to learn in the comfort of your own home. Depending on individual requirements, I can offer a series of talks, single talks or single workshops (half day or full day).

I very much enjoy giving talks and running workshops, and have received very positive feedback. See  testimonials from group leaders and attendees who have attended my talks.

NEW: Fortnightly Support Group

If you want to tackle your eating habits but you’re not sure where to start, then in addition to my mindful eating workshops my fortnightly support group ‘Let’s Talk Eating’ starting in September 2018 is a place for you to explore how to go about it.
This is a supportive, informal small group environment for anyone interested in meeting others to discuss diet, nutrition, mindful eating, eating habits and weight management, and to come along and learn some really useful tips and advice about the psychology of eating. It’s also an opportunity to give and receive moral support through sharing tips, ideas, information, stories, challenges and successes in relation to eating and weight management. The group meets once a fortnight and each session focuses on a particular relevant topic, with the flexibility to ‘go with the flow’.
As well as offering one-to-one dietary advice and eating behaviour counselling, I’ve been giving popular talks for more than a decade. Using my extensive experience of helping clients and my in-depth knowledge of nutrition and the psychology of eating, these fortnightly sessions are based on much of the subject matter I cover in my talks, namely mindful eating, emotional eating, food and mood, why diets don’t last and healthy eating for hectic lives. I help to facilitate each session with a particular relevant topic, but it’s your session ultimately, with a bit of structure if needed to help you along.
These fortnightly sessions provide information, tips and advice to inspire and empower you and equip you with tools you can take home to help you improve your relationship with food, feel more in charge of food, achieve successful weight management and improve your general well-being whilst making friends in an informal, relaxed and friendly environment. It’s a great place to simply chat and share things, and support one another.
This isn’t a weight loss club! Instead, it’s a supportive learning environment offering really useful tips and advice, and a place to feel heard, supported and get inspired. In order to make positive change, having a regular opportunity to not only gain some knowledge but also to do a bit of self-exploration can be a great help, and give you the ‘light bulb’ moment you might need. This group gives you a chance to stop and think about what, why and how much you eat. The aim is to encourage you to stop worrying about what the weighing scales says, and instead focus on your actual eating behaviour and the reasons behind it.

If you would like to attend one of my talks at my home, or host one of my mindful eating workshops or talks at your own premises, then please contact me on 07961 423120 or email me (Emma Randall): info@mindfuleating.org.uk for further details and to discuss your requirements.