Weight loss supportOne-To-One Sessions

~ Do you regularly overeat or binge eat?

~ Do you tend to eat mindlessly and on ‘autopilot?’

~ Are you a secret eater, or do you overeat when alone?

~ Do you self-sabotage when following a diet?

~ Would you describe yourself as an emotional eater?


“One of the biggest realisations was the detrimental effect that years of trying different diets had had on my relationship with food”.

If you want to develop a better relationship with food, feel more in charge of your eating or put an end to yo-yo dieting, you could gain great benefit from having the opportunity and private space to explore and address your current eating habits. Not all the clients I work with want to, or need to, lose weight- some people just want to address overeating, improve their overall relationship with food and make more healthy, balanced food choices.

To have a good relationship with food, you need to have a good relationship with yourself. For those with a history of yo-yo dieting, there’s often a self-limiting, rule-bound ‘diet head’ telling you what you should and shouldn’t be eating, and an inner critic that kicks off whenever you eat ‘bad’ food, keeping you trapped in a cycle of guilt and a sense of failure. It’s not you failing at the diet, but the diet failing you, because most diets are restrictive and unsustainable. If you focus on addressing your overall relationship with food, gradual weight loss can be a positive by-product. You need to be patient with yourself as there might be decades of thought patterns and habitual eating behaviours to address, but building self-awareness is a great starting point- once you’ve gained greater self-insight into your eating habits, thought patterns, attitudes and belief systems in relation to food, eating and weight loss, you can then find strategies for positive, long-term change. We’re all different, so we each need a personalised, tailor-made approach.

“I wish I’d had Emma in my life many years ago, before my relationship with food had reached the stage it did. I’m so grateful for the positive impact Emma has made in my life.”

My one-to-one sessions (face-to-face or online) are for people who are looking for personalised, one-to-one support.  The sessions are based on the concepts of mindful eating, and depending on individual client needs they can focus on the psychological (mindset) aspects of your eating (such as emotional eating) or they can focus more on your actual diet, where we might discuss the nutritional components, enabling us to create a realistic, personalised eating plan (meal and snack ideas). The sessions can therefore focus more on mindset, or more on nutrition, or they might address a mixture of the two. Commonly, emotional eating is explored in depth, but we might also do a re-cap on nutrition, if the client is seeking clarity or further information relating to nutrition which could help them to make healthier food choices.

Working together, we’ll explore and identify any current barriers to weight loss, or causes of overeating  that could be negatively impacting your eating habits and relationship with food, and identify strategies to help you make some positive changes. We’ll also explore any unhelpful attitudes, beliefs and thought patterns, as well as any unhelpful eating behaviours that may have evolved and ‘stuck’ over time, and help you to find a more flexible, ‘middle-way’ approach. Baby steps is really key, so we’ll go at a pace that’s comfortable and realistic for you.

Weight loss support“Mindful eating is not a quick fix but has helped me explore and understand my relationship with food and helped me understand how small but consistent changes can help me take control of my diet.”

“This has been life changing, I feel so comfortable with my choices and feel like food no longer has a hold over me.”

“I was eating totally the wrong things before, leaving me hungry all the time and still putting on weight. I’ve now lost over a stone in 4 months. I emphasise that this is not a diet! This is about just making better decisions about food”.

“Emma suggested small (and often easy) adjustments to my daily habits to help me be more mindful of my eating and start to see food as a friend and not foe”. 

“My mindful eating sessions with Emma have made a huge and lasting difference to how I feel about food and myself more generally.  Emma is very easy to open up to and never judgemental.

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Flexibility Of Sessions

It is recommended (but not compulsory) that clients attending one-to-one sessions complete a minimum of six sessions (taken Weight loss supportweekly, fortnightly or monthly)- this is because implementing new eating / lifestyle habits can take time, and clients benefit from ongoing support and regular reviews of their progress.  The number of sessions required will also depend very much on individual needs and preferences.

If clients choose to have ongoing sessions, they have the option of reducing session frequency. For example, they might start off with weekly or fortnightly sessions, but further down the line they might choose to see me for reviews or ‘check-ins’ once a month or once every 6-8 weeks.

From my experience of working with clients, a number of sessions over time is much more effective than just two or three sessions over a short period, as building new, sustainable habits can take time, and we can slip back into old habits. Regular sessions over a few months offer the client a great opportunity to receive ongoing support, develop and consolidate skills and knowledge, maintain motivation and re-visit or ‘tweak’ strategies for any particular challenges they might be facing. I offer text/Whatsapp/email support as part of the service between sessions to help keep clients motivated, supported and focused.

“I was a victim of 1980s dieting”

Weight Loss SupportBooking An Appointment

Initial session (90 minutes): £65

Subsequent sessions (60 minutes): £50

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy three sessions upfront, get a fourth session FREE!

Session availability: Weekday morning, afternoon and evenings, and some Saturdays.

Payment Options: BACS, cash or cheque.

If you’d like more information about my one-to-one sessions, give me a call (Emma Randall): 07961 423120 or email me: info@mindfuleating.org.uk

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