Weight Loss Maintenance Support: One-To-One Sessions

Lost weight and now in need of some support to help you maintain your new weight long-term?

Weight loss maintenance support camberley Many people embark on diets, lose weight but then struggle to keep off the weight they’ve lost long-term. For this reason I offer support for  clients who have lost weight through any weight loss plan and are now seeking support to help them maintain their new weight. From my experience, many individuals can feel quite anxious about resuming a normal diet, particularly when a lot of the food decisions have been made for them on the diet plan they’ve been following, and if the diet has been highly restrictive (such as cutting out certain foods) and low calorie- in other words, radically different to how they were eating before they started the diet.

I help individuals to feel more confident about making better food decisions and work with them to help them feel more in charge of their eating so that they don’t go back to their old eating patterns- this includes exploring their relationship with food and teaching them to become more mindful eaters. These weight maintenance support sessions can be useful for clients who’ve lost weight but who might have a tendency towards overeating, emotional eating  or a history of yo-yo dieting. It’s really important that if a person embarks on a weight loss plan that rather than simply focusing on a weight loss goal they also address any underlying problematic eating habits. If they don’t, when they return to their former eating habits there’s a good chance of weight re-gain, making successful long-term weight control difficult.

No More Yo-Yo Dieting

This service is therefore beneficial for anyone who has lost weight on a weight loss diet plan and is looking for some support to help them maintain their new weight. If a person has a tendency towards ‘yo-yo’ dieting, I can help them to adopt strategies to enable them to feel more in charge of their eating, develop a healthier relationship with food and set up and maintain long-term healthy eating habits.

In the sessions I work with clients to review their current skills and knowledge to see how they’ve progressed since the start of their weight loss journey, and encourage them to focus on how to adopt a ‘maintenance mindset’ using concepts of mindful eating. The aim of these sessions is to help clients to maintain motivation and momentum, and to develop long-term weight management skills.

Flexibility Of Sessions

I recommend a minimum of four sessions, but clients can choose their own number of sessions, as well as frequency of sessions. Most clients I see for one-to-one sessions opt for fortnightly sessions, but I offer flexibility depending on individual needs and budget. If clients choose to continue sessions longer term, they have the option of reducing session frequency.

‘Check-In’ Refresher Sessions

weight loss maintenance support camberleyFrom my experience of working with clients, several sessions over time is much more effective than just one or two sessions, as building new, sustainable habits can take time. Regular sessions over a few months are a great opportunity for clients to receive ongoing support, which can help maintain motivation, develop and consolidate skills and enable us to re-visit any particular challenges they might be facing. For example, they might start off with weekly or fortnightly sessions, but further down the line they might choose to see me for reviews once a month, every 6-8 weeks or once every 3-6 months for ‘check-in’ refresher sessions. Many clients find that for successful long-term habit change, refresher sessions are really useful to help prevent old habits from creeping back in.

Initial session (90 minutes): £65

Subsequent sessions (60 minutes): £50

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy three sessions upfront, get a fourth session FREE!

If you’d like to find out more about my weight maintenance support sessions, give me a call (Emma Randall) on 07961 423120 or email me: info@mindfuleating.org.uk

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