Weight Loss Groups Camberley: Fortnightly Support Group ‘Let’s Talk Eating’

~ Struggling to control your eating and your weight?

~ Want to develop a healthier relationship with food?

~ Need some support to set up and maintain long-term healthy eating habits?

~ Would you like to talk about your eating to others and hear about other people’s struggles with food, to know you’re not alone and to feel supported?

~ Had enough of diets, and in need of a fresh approach to help you feel more in charge of your eating?

‘Let’s Talk Eating’ support group based in Lightwater, (near Camberley, Surrey) is ideal for anyone who:-

  • Has a history of dieting, weight loss and weight regain and is looking for something other than a purely weight-loss focused group
  • Fortnightly support groupWants to improve their relationship with food and feel more in charge of their eating
  • Is looking for help and encouragement to understand and tackle any underlying eating habits and motivations to eat which might be getting in the way of successful long-term weight management and/or achieving overall health and well-being goals
  • Would like to lose weight gradually without feeling they’re ‘on a diet’ by developing knowledge and skills to help them achieve successful long-term weight management
  • Apart from wanting to lose weight, is keen to break with former dieting habits and old patterns of eating to embrace more flexible, ‘mindful’ eating by becoming more aware of their current eating patterns, and to get help and support to create rock-solid habits they can maintain for life
  • Is looking for a support group that is small, supportive, friendly and confidential and which provides an opportunity for in-depth discussion about eating, nutrition and weight management.

About ‘Let’s Talk Eating’ Support Group

Weight Loss Groups CamberleyThis is an informal, small, friendly group for anyone interested in discussing diet, nutrition, mindful eating, eating habits and weight management, and to come along and learn some really useful information and tips about the psychology of eating. It’s also an opportunity to give and receive moral support through sharing tips, ideas, information, stories, challenges and successes in relation to eating and weight management. Each session focuses on a particular relevant topic, with the flexibility to ‘go with the flow’.

The primary focus of the group is to provide an opportunity for in-depth discussion- it is not primarily a ‘weigh-in’ like traditional weight loss groups. Some people use a weighing scales to monitor weight loss progress and others prefer not to; therefore, for those trying to lose weight, there is an entirely optional weigh-in (in a separate room) for those who would like to be weighed and have their weight loss progress logged. The main aim of the session is to help people to understand and tackle their underlying eating habits and motivations to eat, which might be getting in the way of successful long-term weight management. In order to make positive changes, having a regular opportunity to not only gain some knowledge but also do a bit of self-exploration can be a great help, and give you the ‘light bulb’ moment you might need. Just talking things through can really help, and give you some insight.

Managing Yourself Holistically

The sessions offer you a chance to stop and think about what, why and how much you eat. A weight loss goal is not enough by itself; instead, it’s important to manage yourself holistically, and therefore address any emotional and lifestyle needs you might have too. The aim is to encourage you to make your primary weight loss groups camberleygoal to focus on your actual eating behaviour and the reasons behind it, and then weight loss can be a positive by-product, rather than simply focusing on a weight loss target without tackling underlying problematic eating habits first- the factors that can contribute to weight gain, problems losing weight and keeping the weight off long-term. You can read more about a person’s relationship with food HERE.

This group is a great place to simply chat and share things. No obligation whatsoever to attend every session. Recent comments from attendees:-

“For anyone not sure I would totally recommend these support groups. Emma is full of knowledge and so supportive and I always leave feeling inspired. It is lovely to talk to others in the same boat and support each other too. Could not praise these meetings enough if I tried!”.

“These meetings are amazing! I highly recommend them. Went this week and I felt uplifted and motivated again after feeling down about the way I have been eating recently. Emma is so supportive and so helpful and just truly inspiring”.

Cost: £12 per person, 90 minute session

Location: Lightwater (near Camberley, Surrey).

How often: fortnightly, ongoing, with no obligation to attend all sessions

When: Wednesday evenings 7-8.30pm (fortnightly)

Payment options: online payment in advance is required please (via Eventbrite- link below)

Tickets: For upcoming support group dates and to purchase tickets, please click HERE.

More About Weight Loss Groups Camberley (‘Let’s Talk Eating’)

Creating Action Plans

Establishing new habits requires trying things out, and a bit of experimenting. Each week, based on the session’s topic, you might wish to try out new things, whether it’s new foods, new eating behaviours or new ways of thinking about food and eating. At the end of every session you have the opportunity to think about what you’ve learned and whether you would like to set yourself a task for the coming weeks.

Key Features

Benefits Of My Dual Approach

You will benefit from the dual approach of the programme, which covers both nutritional and psychological aspects of weight management. You will learn important facts about nutrition that will help you with your weight loss, whilst exploring  psychological and practical tools for managing the food environment. You will learn about the link between thoughts, feelings and eating behaviour and this will include looking at unhelpful thoughts and beliefs about yourself and food. I will help you to become more aware of your current eating patterns and habits, and help you to identify strategies to tackle unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. By gaining more insight and awareness you should be able to make positive changes and adjustments, whilst being constantly supported.

Learning To Think For Yourself Rather Than Following Someone Else’s Diet Rules

SpaghettiIt’s vital that individuals learn how to make their own food and lifestyle choices so that they become competent and self-reliant in managing their weight long-term. I support people in becoming more confident about making food choices, which is particularly important if an individual comes from a background of following commercial diet plans where all the thinking and decision-making is done for them. My role is to educate and empower you, and provide you with a set of comprehensive guidelines that enable you to make well-informed, mindful choices that are realistic and practical.

You will be encouraged to move away from the restrictive, rule-bound approach of traditional dieting where you often have to cut out ‘forbidden’ or ‘bad’ foods. Denying yourself certain foods is usually unsustainable, so my approach shows you how you can still eat the foods you enjoy in a more controlled way through adopting ‘middle way’ eating that is more flexible but which can still deliver results.

Importance Of Being Patient

It’s really important to be patient when it comes to improving your relationship with food and losing weight, as sustainable change doesn’t happen overnight. I help clients to embrace a gradual weight loss mindset through flexible eating instead of a quick-fix diet mindset. I will support and encourage you as you keep practising new mindset strategies and behaviours so that they become familiar, eventually automatic, and permanent.

Recognising Individual Needs

Fruit saladWhen it comes to weight loss, a ‘one size fits all’ approach can be unhelpful. Each individual has different skills, needs and challenges, so I will encourage you to look at yourself so that you become more aware of how and why you eat to help you master practical strategies to tackle the food environment. The benefit of being part of a group is that you’re able to compare your own behaviours, attitudes and needs with others’, and become more aware of the importance of individual needs– this is why it’s important to find a new and sustainable way of eating that reflects your personal needs, rather than following diet rules created by someone else. My approach therefore aims to help you become more skilful at eating and living in a way which suits you personally.

No More Yo-Yo Dieting

My approach emphasises the importance of losing weight gradually, to help you to maintain your weight long-term. It helps you to set up new habits that are realistic, enjoyable and, importantly, sustainable. The aim of the support group is to move individuals away from the ‘yo-yo’ dieting mindset that often keeps many people trapped in a perpetual cycle of dieting, weight loss and weight regain. For those who have experienced a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, the aim of the sessions is to help you gain new insights, skills and knowledge so that your confidence in your ability to manage your weight grows, you start feeling more relaxed around food and no longer feel that in order to be in control of your eating you have to be on a strict diet.

Host In Your Home: Support Group Sessions (5+ People)

If you can’t make the Wednesday group sessions in Lightwater you can enjoy sessions in the comfort of your own home. If you wish to host a support group at your own home, you’re invited to bring together people you know (such as friends, family and/or work colleagues) and arrange the session times with me. As host, you don’t pay,  just those attending your home pay for each session (minimum of 5 people including yourself). I run the sessions at times suitable for the group. The group format enables members to gain new knowledge and learn valuable new skills, whilst giving and receiving support and sharing ideas and experiences with each other.

Cost: £12 per person per 90 minute session (number/frequency of sessions depends on the needs and preferences of the group).

If you live too far away to be able to make it to Lightwater, then I also have a Facebook closed group called ‘Let’s Talk Eating’. It’s open to anyone interested in the subject of healthy eating, eating habits, weight loss, dieting, the psychology of eating or general weight management, and who would like to share with others their own updates, tips, ideas, victories and challenges about their eating and weight management goals, or to simply ask for some advice or post questions so that we can learn from, support and motivate each other in an informal, friendly environment. Send me a request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1318721088161903/

If you’d like to know more about ‘Let’s Talk Eating’ support group, give me a call (Emma Randall) on 07961 423120, or email me: info@mindfuleating.org.uk

If you’d like to attend any of my talks, click HERE.

For additional information and tips see my blogs.