Healthy Eating Talks In Lightwater Surrey

Healthy eating talks in lightwaterOver the past decade I’ve given a lot of talks at various organisations, mainly at weight loss companies but also in different community settings such as cafes, churches, mother and baby groups and ‘drop in’ centres and support groups run by charities. During that time I’ve had an opportunity to develop many different talks, depending on the needs and preferences of the groups I’m talking to. I really enjoy giving talks- I’m passionate about teaching people things I know they will find interesting and useful about weight management, nutrition and health and the psychology of eating, and it’s great to get such positive feedback from attendees- after my talks, I’m always so pleased when people tell me they’ve gained some really valuable and interesting knowledge. I’m a great believer in ‘knowledge is power’, as it’s through learning and awareness that we can start making positive changes. There is such a lot of information out there that sometimes all people want is the most important, key points of a subject area clearly summarised for them, rather than having to research and wade through lots of information themselves. Although it’s very rewarding to teach and empower individuals through my one-to-one sessions, by giving talks I can reach a lot more people. For this reason I’m running a series of healthy eating talks in Lightwater Surrey.

My talks last 90 minutes, with interactive discussion, Q&As at the end and a detailed handout is provided to attendees. Below is a summary of each talk.

Healthy Eating Talks In Lightwater Surrey: ‘Understanding Emotional Eating’

This talk covers a range of factors that can give rise to a tendency to ‘comfort eat’. I define what emotional eating is, what can Healthy eating talks in lightwater surreycause it and how food can be used for reasons other than to satisfy physical hunger. We look at how food can be the ‘go to’ solution during times of stress or emotional upset, and how turning to food as a coping strategy can lead to a vicious cycle. Eating doesn’t solve problems, it often just takes the focus off unpleasant feelings temporarily, or it can stop us from tackling problems. I cover various issues including self-perception (how we view ourselves and how we believe others view us), how food might be used to suppress or avoid feelings, how emotional eating might be a sign of unfulfilled needs, and how it might be used to fill a ‘void’. The aim of the talk is to enable people to gain a better understanding of themselves and of emotional eating, and to start thinking about how to create a better relationship with food. This talk is relevant for anyone who feels that emotional eating gets in the way of their attempts to eat healthily, lose weight or maintain their weight long-term, and is intended to help individuals become more aware of the specific factors driving their own eating and to give them some tools to tackle it.

Healthy Eating Talks In Lightwater Surrey: ’10 Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting’

This talk is really useful for anyone looking for a fresh approach to weight loss and long-term weight management that doesn’t involve strict dieting. It’s beneficial for anyone wanting to develop a healthier relationship with food, to feel more in charge of their eating and to set up and maintain long-term healthy eating habits.

It provides key tips to promote gradual weight loss through flexible eating, looking at concepts of mindful eating and the psychology of eating, discusses the pitfalls of dieting, provides nutrition advice for appetite control and looks at the importance of tackling any problematic eating habits in addition to simply focusing on a weight loss goal.

Learn all about:-

Healthy eating talks lightwater~ Why a weight loss goal alone is too simplistic, and how to address any underlying issues with food alongside

~ Why strict diet rules aren’t helpful, how to ditch yo-yo dieting and what to do instead

~ Common, unhelpful thought patterns, attitudes and beliefs that can hinder weight loss progress and successful long-term weight control

~ How giving ourselves permission to eat the foods we enjoy can lead to better weight loss progress and long-term weight control success

~ Which foods are the best choices for regulating appetite and minimising hunger and food cravings

~ Mindful eating and how it can help to improve eating habits and reduce overeating

~ The importance and benefits of increasing self-awareness when it comes to improving eating habits

~ The importance of tackling emotional eating when attempting weight loss and long-term weight control

~ The link between life management and setting up positive eating habits.

For more in-depth information about the specific topics of emotional eating and mindful eating, please see my other talks ‘Understanding Emotional Eating’ and ‘Simple Steps To More Mindful Eating’.

Healthy Eating Talks In Lightwater Surrey: ‘Food And Mood’

This talk addresses the importance of good nutrition for a healthy mind and balanced mood. For anyone who experiences low mood, poor concentration or poor memory, or who simply wants to keep their brain healthy, the talk looks at the link between what we eat and how we feel and function. The talk provides some helpful tips on simple steps you can take to support your mood and brain health from a dietary, nutritional and lifestyle perspective. It explains how food provides the building blocks for brain chemicals such as serotonin, which makes us feel happy and calm, and the importance of ‘good’ fats, vitamins and minerals for brain health and function. If we eat a poor diet low in nutrients and variety, this can impact both mood and brain function and so a healthy, balanced diet is really important for supporting overall brain health.

Healthy Eating Talks In Lightwater Surrey: ‘Healthy Eating For Hectic Lives’

Healthy eating talks lightwaterMany of us lead busy, stressful lives, and sometimes eating healthily can drop right to the bottom of the priority list! The aim of this talk is to inspire you to give your body the nutrition it needs to cope with a busy lifestyle and to give you some simple meal and snack ideas for when you’re on the go. The talk will cover:-

  • Simple meal and snack ideas for when you’re on the go
  • Stress and how it’s linked to food cravings and chaotic eating
  • Important nutrients for a busy lifestyle
  • Nutrition tips for sleeping
  • Tips for boosting your brain function when you’re tired and busy
  • How to deal with being ‘tired and wired’.

By gaining some top nutrition tips for a hectic lifestyle, this talk will inspire you to give healthy eating a higher priority which your body and mind will thank you for during stressful times.

Healthy Eating Talks In Lightwater Surrey: ‘Simple Steps To More Mindful Eating’

Many people eat on ‘autopilot’, putting very little thought into their food choices, and they eat pretty much the same thing every day because they can’t be bothered to explore, or haven’t considered exploring, other food options. When we’re busy it’s Healthy eating talks in Lightwaterso easy to default to the easy option. Hectic, stressful lives mean that food can drop right to the bottom of the priority list, and food ends up being regarded as simply fuel to keep you on the move rather than being seen as a vital source of nutrients that help our bodies to run optimally and which support our health and well-being. Mindless eating is very common, and my job is to teach people the importance and benefits of becoming a more mindful eater when it comes to weight management. However, mindful eating skills can also help us to make healthier food choices overall by enabling us to think before we eat. Creating some mental space before eating can help us to make better eating decisions, instead of spontaneous ones we might regret. It’s easy to enjoy food in the moment and to not think about the short-term and long-term consequences such as feeling stuffed or lethargic, regretting what we’ve just eaten, digestive reactions and over time, weight gain or poor health. If we can learn to anticipate the outcome of our food choices most of the time then we will be in a much better position to make good choices whenever we’re confronted by food.

The problem with food is that we’re constantly surrounded by it, so it’s important to engage the brain whenever possible to help us with our food choices. My mindful eating talk covers a range of topics including: the problem with dieting; unhelpful behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and values in relation to food, eating and dieting; the ‘black and white’ mindset and its link with yo-yo dieting; the excuses we use to eat; how to become more satisfied with less food; calorie ‘shaving’, which is about being able to still eat the foods you enjoy whilst keeping things in balance.

Mindful eating takes into consideration factors such as what to eat, whether to eat, why we eat and how we eat- it’s about engaging the brain a bit more to help us improve our current eating behaviours and decisions in relation to food choices and the actual eating process. The key thing to remember is that we’re all different, with different needs and challenges, so finding a personalised solution to our eating is essential, rather than embarking on a way of eating based on someone else’s rules about what and how much to eat.

Through all of my talks I aim to make people more aware of what, how and why they eat, to help them gain insight into some of the key nutritional and physiological factors relevant to health and weight management, as well as give them insight into their own inner world and inspire them to become more vigilant when it comes to dealing with the food environment. By giving them the tools and knowledge they need, my goal is to empower people to start addressing their own particular challenges and struggles with food and to find strategies to deal with them.

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